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1st April, All overcome in resurrection, Paul Grinyer

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Mark 16:1-8

  • Everything: As it should be!
    • “do not be alarmed!” v6
  • Expectancy: The end has become the beginning!
    • “He has been raised; he is not here. See the place where they laid him” v6
  • Extension: Our sins and failures are not the end of God’s plans for us!
    • “Tell his disciples and Peter … you will see him” v7
  • Everyday: These plans are for our new life where we are …!
    • “Galilee. There you will see him” v7
  • Expansion: … and for the ongoing ministry of the kingdom of God!
    • “he is going before you to Galilee” v7

25th March, Rejection and false accusation, Paul Grinyer

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Mark 14:53-65

  1. The Power of Pride to Corrupt – sin blinds us to the truth of who Jesus is
  2. The Just Judgement to Come – Jesus reigns over all, and is coming to judge properly!
  3. The Majestic Mercy to Call Upon – Jesus dealt with all our corruption, so that whoever repents and believes in him will be saved.

11th March, Jesus’ Passion (Mark, part 1), Paul Grinyer

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Betrayal and Abandonment, Mark 14:32-52

  1. Jesus bore the greatest human agony for us .. replacing ..
  2. our sleepy vulnerability with his watchful prayer
  3. our sinful betrayal with his victorious obedience
  4. our fearful abandonment with his faithful following

4th March, Acts 2, Prayer (part 4), Paul Grinyer

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Talking to Jesus….life on life!

  1. The Power of Prayer ….life on life
  2. The Joy of Prayer … on life
    1. seeing God answer!
    2. communion with God
  3. The Place of Fasting Prayer…. life on life
    1. Helps connect to the power of prayer
      • intense focus
      • repentance
      • seeking the Lord
      • seeking guidance, especially about church leaders
    2. Deepens our joy in relationship to God

Acts 2:42-47

25th February, Acts 2: Healthy Missional Church (part 3), Paul Grinyer

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1 Corinthians 10:16-17

  1. sharing meals together
    • at regular gatherings
    • in one another’s homes
  2. sharing the Lord´s Supper together regularly
    • enjoying the fruit of spiritual nourishment in Jesus
      • glad hearts
      • generous hearts
      • culture of praise
      • favour of the people

“Keeping Jesus as our Food….Life on Life!” Acts 2:42-47

18th February, Immersed into the Fullness of Christ, Paul Grinyer

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Colossians 2:6-15

  1. Baptism in water re-enacts our immersion into Christ
    1. Buried with him v12
    2. Raised with him v12
  2. Once immersed in him, we have all we need in him! (v10)
    1. He has cut sin’s dominance out of us v11
    2. He has made us alive in him! v13
  3. Therefore we must intentionally live in this fullness of Christ
    1. Rooted and built up in him, established in the faith, abounding in thanksgiving v7
    2. Beware being taken captive by any ideas that are not from Christ v8
    3. Recognising that Jesus has disarmed the spirits that try to control us vv8, 14-15