Update concerning upcoming Services – Jan 2022

Update concerning upcoming Services – Jan 2022

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Coming to church has been more and more challenging these days. We are once again faced with another challenge—we have been directed by our host church that every person coming to church services must provide a negative corona test.

While the new rule will surely entail a lot more effort and planning, we are even more encouraged to continue to hold our Sunday worship services in the church building. We are encouraged that by seeking the Lord together, we, as a church family can honor and bless the Lord especially during this time of transition and uncertainty.

In a nutshell, here are the new rules in the coming Sundays:


Everybody needs to get tested max. 24hrs before coming to church – a self-test counts.
Proof can be the test unit itself
or a picture of it.


FFP2 or KN95 Mask must be worn on at all times at the church.

As we all face the on-going (and not to mention, dynamic) rules and changes in our church and even in our community, may we all look to our God who is never changing and is in control of every situation.