9 August 2020 – [8] Walking together with Jesus – Brother Meshach

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9 August 2020 – [8] Walking together with Jesus – Brother Meshach


Mark 1:35-39
Walking together with Jesus 8 Partnership with God and His work

Sermon Points

  1. Desiring communion and fellowship with the Father (v35). Jesus demonstrated the secret of his growth and impact by his constant communion with the Father.
  2. Being Kingdom Minded (v36-38). Jesus was able to focus on the task of the father by avoiding distractions from the men.
  3. Walking in the authority of the Spirit (v39). Jesus had authority to go into every city to preach and cast out demons because of God’s Spirit at work in Him.

Discussion Questions

  1. What practical ways can we be determined to maintain a constant communion with the Father?
  2. What are some of the things we’ve observed as the major distractions or impediments to our constant communion with the Father?
  3. How can we contribute to the corporate devotion as a church in walking with Jesus?
  4. What are the ways we can be able to influence our colleagues, friends, neighbours, classmates for the kingdom’s sake?
  5. How can we trust the Holy Spirit to use us in reaching out to our environment with miracles and signs following us?
  6. How can we take authority over our lives and families in the place of prayer by stopping demonic operations… healing the sick amongst us and banishing the spirit of fear and timidity?