31th May 2020 – Pentecostal People – Pastor Paul

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31th May 2020 – Pentecostal People – Pastor Paul


Isaiah 44:1-5; Ephesians 1:3-14
Pentecost in Pandemic 1: Pentecostal People

Sermon Points

Pentecostal people are:

  1. Crooked made straight 
  2. Chosen in Christ 
  3. Caused by the Lord 
  4. Created in pre sin design (from the womb)
  5. Comforted by the Spirit  

Questions For Discussion In Families Or Online Groups

  1. What do you think our being addressed by Good as “my chosen servant” means for us as a church? 
  2. What refreshing “life giving” experiences have you had of being church together with others? 
  3. What possible leads do you see where God might want to spring church up next in and among you and your connections?