17th May 2020 – Growth from Hope – Pastor Paul

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17th May 2020 – Growth from Hope – Pastor Paul


Isaiah 43:1; 1 Peter:1:14-16; Titus 2:11-14,
Perspective: Hope! 4: Growth from hope

Sermon Points

  1. Trained by grace – becoming like Jesus
  2. Motivated by hopeful expectations – expecting the full glory to come in Jesus
  3. Delivered by ultimate belonging – redeemed by and purified for Jesus

Questions For Discussion In Families Or Online Groups

  1. How have you found the Lord training and enabling you to say no to worldliness and yes to godliness in your relationships with yourself, others and himself?
  2. How has the hope of all the blessings to come when Jesus returns motivated you in this growth process of becoming more holy?
  3. What difference has it made it your life to know you belong to him, because he has redeemed you?