Jesus, the Core of the Gospel – Pr. Gehard Venter

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29 March 2020 – Koinonia 4 – Pastor Paul (Video Message)

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Koinonia 4 “the presence and life of Jesus that energises us to keep going together!”

Acts 2:42-47 part 2

  1. We each need one another for fully fruitful Christian devotion
  2. Devotion together flows from:
    knowing we need and love God more than anything!
    recognising and depending on the Holy Spirit who is with us
  3. Devotion together flows into:
    • being nourished by his Word (devoted to the apostles’ teaching)
    • being refreshed through one another (devoted to the fellowship)
    • bringing world changing prayer together (devoted to the prayers)
    • being Christ centred (devoted to the breaking of bread)


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  1. What kind of family devotion do we have? What would we like to have?
  2. Who else has he placed in my/our lives for me/us to be devoted together in fellowship with?
  3. Who am I/are we praying together with in a group weekly?
  4. What Bible study are we currently engaging in?
  5. When can we meet with God together as a family or in these groups, to let him enthuse us in learning, love, joy and prayer?
  6. How can we ensure that we are filled with the Holy Spirit and that our online meetings are led by the Holy Spirit?
  7. What help might we need with this?