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International Service

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Sunday 10 February will be a bit different. Join us along with the Kreuzgemeinde and the Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish Churches for a special International Worship Service at 11.00. For us, every Sunday is an international service, but Sunday 10 February is a chance to celebrate with our sister churches.

The message will be brought by a visiting evangelist, Pastor Steffen Kahl.

Please bring some food so we can share a buffet lunch afterwards.

(Please note: There is no IBC Bremen worship service that afternoon.)

There is also a chance to get to know Pastor Steffen on Saturday 9 February, 15.00 when he will explain more about an outreach opportunity “Tischgemeinschaft” involving all 5 churches later this year. You are warmly invited to the meeting Saturday afternoon as representatives from the different churches share ideas and make plans.