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29th April, Ingrafted Branches, Paul Grinyer

Category : Sermons

Ingrafted Branches

Romans 11:11-24

  1. Already: Jewish rejection LINKS to Gentile salvation
  2. Now: Gentiles transformation LINKS to Jews yearning
  3. Eventually: massive cropping LINKS to global blessing
  4. Next: humble conviction LINKS to secure representation

1st April, All overcome in resurrection, Paul Grinyer

Category : Sermons

Mark 16:1-8

  • Everything: As it should be!
    • “do not be alarmed!” v6
  • Expectancy: The end has become the beginning!
    • “He has been raised; he is not here. See the place where they laid him” v6
  • Extension: Our sins and failures are not the end of God’s plans for us!
    • “Tell his disciples and Peter … you will see him” v7
  • Everyday: These plans are for our new life where we are …!
    • “Galilee. There you will see him” v7
  • Expansion: … and for the ongoing ministry of the kingdom of God!
    • “he is going before you to Galilee” v7